Flexible financing. Expert partners.

Loan Acquisitions

Aspen Capital Funding acquires non-performing loans from banks and private lenders through both direct negotiation and at auction. As a portfolio lender, we are able to underwrite and quickly close non-performing loan acquisitions with balances up to $20MM throughout the United States.


Aspen Capital Funding works with borrowers and brokers on all types of properties, including industrial, office, multi-family, storage, hotels, shopping centers and more.

Loan Parameters

Size: $1,000,000 - $10,000,000 Term: 1 month to 3 years Points: 5% - 7%
Rate: 7% - 14% Region: National

Loan Types

  • Bridge
    Bridge Loan

    Bridge loans capitalize on time-sensitive situations pending permanent financing. Aspen structures bridge loans for a wide variety of short-term needs including:

    • Land or property acquisition
    • Pre-development financing
    • Partner buyouts
    • Bankruptcy avoidance
  • Mezzanine
    Mezzanine Loan

    Mezzanine financing leverages limited equity. Aspen can structure exceptionally flexible mezzanine financing options that are:

    • Subordinate to banks, conduits or private lenders
    • Inside or outside the development entity
    • On or off title
    • Long-term or short-term
  • Development and Construction
    Development and Construction Loan

    Development and construction loans maintain the momentum of your project. Aspen avoids the delays and uncertainty of bank financing by:

    • Providing fast underwriting and closing
    • Offering a streamlined draw process
    • Appreciating the value of resort and special-use developments
    • Ensuring project financing through standby commitment
  • Working Capital and Hard Money
    Working Capital Loan

    Working capital and hard money loans access your hard-earned equity. Aspen provides immediate liquidity to your balance sheet through loans structured to:

    • Pull profits from stabilized or in-development projects
    • Monetize wholly owned assets or partnership interests
    • Avoid incurring tax liabilities
    • Raise cash for new projects
  • Equity and Joint Ventures
    Equity Joint Loan

    Equity investments and joint ventures add strategic value with a smart money partner. As a partner, Aspen offers:

    • Financial strength and sophistication
    • Broad real estate development experience
    • Extensive industry relationships
    • Assistance in the entitlement process and contract negotiations